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We are Recyclan!

Founded in 2019, Recyclan is a PET recycling and processing company based in Deeside in Flintshire County Council in Wales. We exist to combat the huge and growing plastic pollution challenge.

The Problem

It is estimated that globally, some $3.15 trillion worth of recyclable plastic revenue is currently sitting in landfills and floating in the ocean. The problem is compounded by a further $157.5 billion worth of plastic waste added to the global environment every year. With the problems associated with discarded plastic waste now increasingly high profile, the potential is enormous. Solving the issue is no longer just a “nice to have”, recycling is something we MUST do to make sure we conserve our natural resources and critically, do not further contaminate our food chain. A typical example is that a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, according to Greenpeace. Coca-Cola produces over 110 billion bottles yearly, equivalent to 200,000 bottles a minute and its production rate is growing over 30% each year.

The Solution

We take a product that has in its entirety been discarded as waste, polluting the environment and then turn it into the highest-grade recycled PET product to the class A food and beverage sector.

We buy already granulated PET plastic flakes from within and outside the UK. Ship and/or haul them to our recycling plant in Deeside where we use a variety of industry leading sorting and hot washing technologies to sanitise the PET plastic flakes to EU food grade standard.

Our recycled product called Hot Washed Flakes are sold to extrusion companies, thermoformers and injection moulders who use it to produce new recycled bottles, thermoformed trays and food punnets.

We produce the highest-grade recycled PET product

Our hot-washed flakes are sold to extrusion companies, thermoforming companies and injection moulders in the UK, Europe and North America, where bottles, thermoformed trays and food punnets are made out of rPET.

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