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Founded in 2018, Recyclan is a Global social enterprise and plastic recycling company. We have operations in over 14 African countries. (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Kenya, DR Congo and Mozambique).

We exist to combat the huge and growing plastic pollution challenge in the world. We currently recover over 1400 tons of plastic waste a month and provide over 750 jobs in Africa; eradicating poverty and making the world greener.

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Plastics consistently make up 60 to 90% of all marine debris.

Reducing Carbon Footprint
Making The World Greener
Providing Jobs
Eradicating Poverty

Do your part for the Environment!


Our Processes span across Collecting & Sorting, Baling, Crushing/Granulating, Hot & Cold washing & eventually Sheet Extrusion & Thermoforming

We currently have 14 sorting centres where we collect and sort plastic bottles located across Africa.
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Hot washing produces plastic recyclables for food grade packaging
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We have 2 industrial granulators that turns the PET bottles into RPET flakes.
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We have processing centres where we typically turn recovered PET bottles into Bales.
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Jobs Created
Tonnes Recycled
Billion Grams of CO2 saved
The greatest environmental benefit of recycling is the conservation of energy and natural resources and the prevention of pollution
We take a product that has in its entirety been discarded as waste, polluting the environment and then turn it into something valuable.

Of the five fully inhabited continents, Africa has the highest rate of inadequately managed plastic waste. This is not helped by the fact that currently no African country effectively separates and recycles their domestic or commercial waste. Food & garden, plastic & glass recycling and general waste all gets thrown into 1 bin and that bin gets mostly thrown out of the window into a bush or river whilst people are driving or walking along. Therein lies the immediate opportunity.

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