Recover 400 metric tons of P.E.T. plastic waste

We have partnered with Humanity NG, a nonprofit organization and the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources to recover 400 metric tons of PET Plastic Waste from the natural environment and set a world record! Join us and be part of this important mission.

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Quick and easy steps for joining the attempt


You don’t need to do more. We will send you the route map for the day via email. You will even get a badge of participation!


Show up, Recover PET, Repeat

Recovered PET bottles are in great hands. We will document the journey of these bottles and let you know what they become. Discarded and dirty PET bottles and voilà, brand new packaging is born.


Weighing Center

Once recovery is completed, we are on our way to transforming these PET bottles. A few of you will be invited to witness history.


We love our partners
They are the engine behind our project


partners and sponsors


pickup trucks

Group 11


Happy Volunteers

Group 10


Local Government Areas

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Our volunteer team will visit and clean up over 20 LGAs in Lagos and Ogun States.

Yes! We most certainly do. 400 tons is a lot of PET bottles; all the support we can get is welcome.

Click here to volunteer and receive more information.

See you on the field.

Due to the universal nature of the award, Recyclan decided to go on this journey of recovering 400 metric tons of PET waste with Humanity NG because the task of saving the planet and keeping our environment clean is our collective responsibility. We are leaders and decided that this is the best way to set the pace. 

Recyclan was found in 2018 by Chimebuka Okwuokenye and Robert Holman.

Lead project coordinator for humanity NG is Olafemi George.

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Please click our volunteer link above.

Anyone over the age of 18 can volunteer. Minors need to come in the company of their adult or with a permission slip.
Also, come out with protection against the elements. Ensure you wear sunscreen, and shades or a hat.

Join the movement and help us reach our goal of recovering 400 metric tons of PET plastic waste from the natural environment.

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